Divine Enterprise, the Intimate Relationship between New Hindu Religious Organizations, Hindu Nationalism and Power élites

By Daniela Bevilacqua Based on a literature review, this article discusses briefly on the relationship between religion and groups of power in the contemporary India, analysing its influence on social life in order to deal with socio-economic realities from a wider perspective. Without taking into account methodology elements, I adopt a historical perspective with reference […]

The nirguna sant: Kabir

The nirguna sant: Kabir

Upon contemplating the empty, the innate in my heart, there shone forth a light. To that Being, based on nothing, I devote myself.(Ramaini, 6 sakhi) The name of Kabir, the great mystic poet born in Varanasi around the XV-XVI century, likely in a Muslim family of weaver, is always associated with an idea of syncretic bhakti […]

How Goddess Kali’s tongue came out

Jai Maa Kali… Long long ago, the world was overrun with evil – men had turned to wicked ways, and demons, rakshasas and ogres thrived and prospered. The gods were helpless. They could do nothing to control or contain the evil in the world. In desperation they turned to the supreme goddess Devi(Maa Kali) for […]

Vedic rituals after death in a Brahmin Family

  [Monday, Feb 4, 2013, UPDATE]   The first episode – Dasgaatra (10th day after death) with Sh. R.S Pandey and family   “The death ritual does not end with the elimination of the body. There is still the safety of the soul to look after. To ensure the passage during its voyage to the […]

Krishna Rasa Leela in Varanasi

Krishna Rasa Leela was played by a roots’ theater group from Mathura, India – “Shri Radha Krishna Leela Sansthan”, in Varanasi from 14th October 2011 to 16th October 2011 . We had never seen before anything like this. The Mandala (band) was fantastic and welcomed us to shoot the way we want. The whole play […]