Thalua Club is a local comedy club of Banaras (Varanasi) established in 1960 by Babu Gulab Rai, Sh. Vishwanath Mukherji, other historians and many other people who are well rounded in the field of amusement and laughter.

Thalua Club works differently from other comedy clubs. Here the members select an honored man of the society and make him sit in front of the audience. The event begins when members who know him and his social behavior (and his relations with his wife), come to the stage to speak a few jokes about him. No doubts, that sometime the jokes are without any limits. Nevertheless, only those people who love to roast others and also don’t mind a day of being roasted by others are invited.

This is purely Banarasi way of having fun and now brought up on the stage from the alleyways. This culture is being forgotten in Varanasi, since people don’t have the time anymore to celebrate together.

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