Espirito Kashi organised and directed the Gram Sanskriti Chaupal in collaboration with Leadership Projects for Bihar, an NGO. Led by, visual anthropologist Rajat Nayyar, we ran a folklore documentation drive in about 25 villages around the Karakat region of Bihar. The result was about 100 folk songs and folk tales were documented and the project concluded with this film.

What this project captures is the living state of folk culture in the region. As the artists perform, the rural community enthusiastically gathered and automatically more artists emerged. There is no stage and no gap between the performer and the audience. We personally feel this project will remain very close to our hearts because we came across more than 10,000 people (mirrors) from the villages who believed in this initiative and trusted us and the camera, left their work and got this done. Why? Because, we all agreed these oral practices are fading away. We learnt so much from them in the process, especially what it means to celebrate collectively.

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