Blu-ray disks of ‘Kashi Labh’ at Swiss Anthropological Association (SAA)

Blu-ray disks of our film Kashi Labh have arrived at the Swiss Anthropological Association (SAA) in Neuchâtel, Switzerland! The Audio-Visual Commission of the association acquired two copies for their film collection which can be borrowed by university departments and institutes in Switzerland.

Many thanks to German International Ethnographic Film Festival where this new archival journey has unfolded for the film. The touch of this concrete DVD is pure magic!

Always indebted to my beloved Kashi and my thanks goes to Shiv Dhawan, Kanhaiyya Dhawan; my Tallinn Anthropology supervisors: Kersti Uibo, Carlo Cubero and Marje Ermel; Paola Manikarnika for the posters; and! Chitraang Nayyar for the photo.

Kashi Labh is a sensory audiovisual ethnography of the distinctive politics-of-care staged by families while they anticipate and create the possibility of Moksha for their dying relative in Kashi (Varanasi).

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