Ep 1 – Culture Concept | Intro to Anthropology

We make an attempt towards introducing everyone to Social & Cultural Anthropology. First episode – ‘Culture Concept’.

The concept of culture is rather hard to conceive. If people are left without any culture it seems that we will end up destroying each other and ourselves. Therefore, we have in some way traded our freedom to have a culture that protects us against the other. In this sense, culture is a set of rules and laws.

In other perspective, the west has come to understand culture from the philosophies emerging during the Enlightenment. In this case, culture is about excellence in everything: arts, ways to eat, ways to dress etc. When you look at an indigenous community, you might say that they are a culture that is becoming. Time for us is linear.

Today debates are about holism in culture. It is not only about symbols, rituals or traditions now it also about broader contexts and frameworks in which people behave and experience.

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