Yadav ji’s Paneer and Sweets Shop, Bengali Tola – Varanasi

We did this short film for an NGO Sertaobras, which advocates the rights of artisanal cheese makers in brazil. http://3wheeledcheese.com/2011/08/18/federal-law-mistreats-artisanal-cheese-in-brazil/

The film is about the traditional method of making Indian Cottage Cheese (Paneer) and also the culture of family work in Varanasi. 

Meet Pandit Ji (shop owner) and his Son: Their family has been running the cheese and sweets shop in the alley for about 200 years. He has seen a lot of changes since he had learnt the trade from his father. “The times have changed, in our times there weren’t any industries selling milk. Although in Varanasi, I find people are still drinking pure milk”, he answers when asked about the state of milk today. The family explains how they do their day to day business.

His son says “Todays industrial milk which is sold in packets is made with milk powder and has no nutritional value”. 

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