Festival of Chatt devoted to the worship of Sun God

The Chatt festival is dedicated to the Sun god. It is a belief that people worship Sun and thank Him for bestowing the bounties of life on earth and fulfilling their wishes. It is also a faith that the prayers of the devotees on this occasion are always answered; During this occasion, the worshipers, usually women, observe ritual purity. They sleep on the floor on a single blanket or a mat. They pray and fast for the well-being of their family and prosperity. On the eve of this festival, houses are scrupulously cleaned. The worshippers observe a fast from dawn to the dusk. On the occasion, the entire family accompanies the worshiper to a ritual bathing and worship of the Sun god, usually on the bank of a river or a large common water body. The devotees take a holy dip.

This was a huge festival during the last week.

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  1. Very good resources. Wish I could locate more information like this by others! Thank you!


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