It is only recently that the nation has started to consider the dying intangible cultural heritage as an issue. Many works are being done to preserve the tangible heritage of the country but only a few are being carried out towards safeguarding of the intangible and oral traditions. When we talk of safeguarding the ICH of India, it is understood that there are different ways and means of doing the work. In our understanding, safeguarding is not just about recording the ICH of India and to keep it in the database or archives, but it also carries a responsibility to sensibly present this content. We devote an equal amount of energy on aspects such as presentation of this content. Our films are ethnographic in nature, aimed at giving a sensory experience to it’s viewers. The creative endeavour is a result of the first hand research whereby the researcher observes the practice from the point of view of the subject, with the camera, which is then mapped with a second hand research that includes reading texts about the cultural practice and the first hand interviews. It is only then, that the footage is put together in the form of a film. This is what makes our project unique in nature, we produce content that not only addresses the issue of dying ICH of India, but also creates new opportunities for itself by being experimental and innovative. Therefore we are not just working towards safeguarding the ICH of India but also actively contributing towards exploring the potential of Visual Anthropology in a global context.

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