Promoting DigitalBurhwal website locally in Burhwal

We go back to promote locally in Burhwal village and to invite people to upload their own photos/videos to the website. DigitalBurhwal is an interactive cultural landscape of Burhwal village in the Rohtas district of Bihar.

We arrived after a year, exactly a year, everyone reminds. Seeing rice fields. Not much has changed but the old man who recited 6 episodes of gatha Sorathi is now on the bed. He knows his stories have been uploaded to the universal cloud. He knew it when he found a listener for his local epic. These stories are dangerous to be kept inside if not told, we feel light. Roaming those streets, putting up posters and stickers…

Aaji makes us all sit and sings a Godna (tattoo) song:

From alley to alley,
roams the ‘Netuin’ (tattoo maker),
inking the Godna…

A storm came from the East,
Rain came from the West.
(Netuin) inking the Godna…

You have made the Godna on the whole arm, O Netuin!
Even tattooed my winnowing basket.
(Netuin) inking the Godna.

Returned after ploughing the field,
digging with spade.
(Netuin) inking the Godna.

I am going out
to find my sister!
(Netuin) inking the Godna.

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