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We started with a belief that the camera must breathe through the environment it is filming and should therefore allow the viewers to participate in the events. Today we take another major step: Initiating the process of gamification in our media content to motivate audience engagement.

DIGITAL BURHWAL is an interactive documentary that allows people to navigate through the film. There are alternate realities you may find yourself in while watching the same film. It puts the viewer in Burhwal village, Bihar and the viewer may choose to visit homes, walk through the village, work in the paddy field, celebrate in local gatherings and visit the local temple. 

Making this film was the most beautiful process. I gave up on the linear narrative and embraced a tree-style weaving of small narrative units. It involved creating hundreds of probabilities for viewer navigation. It can be a never ending process, just like any other, but to be able to find the perfect ending can be confusing. It is only the beginning as it opens up so many more possibilities for interactive story-telling.

I am looking for serious feedback on this project. If it interests you and you are really keen to explore the documentary, please leave your e-mail address in the comments or send us an e-mail at and I will send you the video link.

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