Farewell to our team member, Rajat Madan


Our important team member, Rajat Madan (Social Entrepreneur), has to leave us for an opportunity to be a Zila Swachh Bharat Prerak, a Tata Trust initiative.. He started out with us in 2015 with a commitment to create a self-sustainable business model for Espírito Kashi. His contribution does not just end at bringing the seed fund; he proved to be a great field-assistant for a visual anthropologist, helping not only in sound recording, managing technology but also in kick starting the folk songs archive along with transcriptions and translations. It was a step against our first idea of ‘thick ethnography’, yet it continues to prove that such content generates a lot of views on digital platforms. He even represented Espírito Kashi and our films in various settings and made the audience wonder.

During this short tenure of our collaboration, you have always been a valuable support system. Thank you so much and wish you the very best for your future endeavours.

-Rajat Nayyar
(Founder, Espírito Kashi)


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