जेवनार गीत | Gaari Gaari, Prem Pyaari | Bhojpuri Jevnaar folk song | Eng subs

Women from Johni village in Bihar sing the most beautiful Jevnaar folk song. Jevnaar songs sung by women from the bride’s side when the in-laws are sitting for a feast after the wedding.

Mithila king’s city is crowded, all In-laws have arrived for a feast,
The foundation is made of barfi, the pillar is made of rasgulla,
The whitewash is of cashew and sugar, the hanging decor is of laddoo,
The window is made of mishri, the door is made of papad,
The roof is made of poori, but the groom is offered nothing,
The in-laws are sitting for the feast, women are singing gaari,
This gaari is with love and affection, very gentle is this agar.

About Gaari-Jevnaari folk songs:

Gaari-jevnaari is a group of songs that fall under the category ‘samskara geet’. These songs are sung during a ritual called ‘Jevnaar’ to welcome the father of the bridegroom in the bride’s house. The women sing ‘gaari-jevnaari’ on one side of the purdah while the men are busy offering their best hospitality in the form of food to the guest on the other side. Women collectively sing these songs in the courtyard of the house. As the name suggests, these songs contain abusive language and without a round of these folk songs, the ritual is incomplete.

The abusive wedding songs are considered sweet because these are sung with love and within the boundaries of amusement. These abusive songs do not express the personal anguish of the women rather they are sung within the context of a ritual whose purpose is ego-shredding. In this context they are referred to as songs full of nectar.

An important note mentioned at this event in Ramcharitmanas is that the ritual of Jevnaar is performed before the wedding of devtaas (gods), whereas, in the case of Ram and Sita, Jevnaar is performed after their wedding. The reason for this is that in a god’s wedding the rites of the heaven are followed. On the other hand, Sita and Ram are folk characters who represent humanity and therefore, the rites of earth are followed during their wedding. Some great men often say that Jevnaar is performed after the wedding in case of humans because there is a fear that the groom’s party would take offense and run away before the wedding, whereas, the devtaas (gods) are non-dualistic and would never take abusive songs personally. Therefore, in case of a god’s wedding, Jevnaar is performed before the wedding.

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