Watch our new film CROSSING A RIVER, LOSING A SELF based on an Indian folktale

Shot in Kashi (Varanasi), our film CROSSING A RIVER, LOSING A SELF (13 minutes | English subtitles) releases today! This film is about a guru followed by 8 disciples. They are making a pilgrimage to Kashi. In order to reach the sacred city, they must cross a treacherous river. Please note it is our first attempt towards giving a new life to folktales from India.

From the Director, Rajat Nayyar:

The experience of directing this film was very different from making a research/documentary film. I can be in a cine-trance while documenting a ritual but in the case of fiction it was important to balance administration with abstraction. Editing a fiction film is an easy task if the script was mastered. I remember preparing location maps for the camera, sound and light in each of the shots one night before, so everyone knew their positions and no confusion was caused. In that scorching heat, I did not want the actors to wait even a bit between scenes. Coming to think of it now, it was an interesting process to make this film. We literally performed the folktale in front of the many people who were meditating and bathing at the Ghats of Varanasi. 

If you like the film please do consider writing a review for it.


  1. nitinsingh007gmailcom says:

    Superb. It is a great step towards perseverance of Indian folktales. This short film has made one of such folktales alive. I liked it a lot.

    Nitin Singh


  2. NITIN SINGH says:

    How can I connect Mr. Rajat Nayyar (The director)?


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